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Crush Crowdfunding Podcast

May 23, 2020

In this episode, host Nalin talks about the mistakes you may be making during the pre-launch phase of your crowdfunding project. She shares her four tips on the mistakes you should look out for prior to launching your campaign. 


She discusses: 


[5:15] - Why being aware of what’s already on the market, successful or not successful, will only help your campaign to be stronger. 


[7:22] - The importance of creating a landing page for your product prior to launching your campaign. 


[9:25] - Creating an up-to-date website that is visually stimulating and mobile friendly.


[10:40] - Asking your friends and family to donate money during your first 24-hours of your launch. 


[13:46] - Why those first 24-hours of donations are so important and will help crowdfunding sites to organically advertise your product over others. 


[15:30] - Altering your audience of the upcoming launch and getting them excited about the upcoming campaign. 


Thanks for listening! Now go out there and figure out what the best way is to launch a project and if it’s right for crowdfunding! Tune in next week when I drop some more information!  


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