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Crush Crowdfunding Podcast

Jul 22, 2020

“Free Shipping” - It’s something you’ve probably seen advertised on a product before. You’ve probably even been the recipient of it. But, if you’re in the beginning phases of launching a product into the market is it really something you can feasibly offer? Maybe you’re wondering if it’s something you should offer? 


Luckily, there is no right or wrong answer and you do have options! In this episode, Nalin goes in-depth about three different ways you can charge shipping during your campaign and discusses the pros and cons of each. 


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[1:10]: What’s Up With Shipping? 

Getting the conversation started on whether or not “free shipping” is really doable.

[3:24]: ONE: Integrate the Shipping Cost to the Entire Cost of Production

Add on the shipping cost after you look at all the production costs for making the actual product. That way the price of the product already includes the shipping cost.

[5:58]: TWO: Subsidize Part of the Shipping 

You decide to take money out of your own pocket to cover a certain amount of the shipping and the buyer pays the rest. 

[7:29]: THREE: Make Backers Pay the Full Price of Shipping

Have backers pay the full price of the shipping. 

[9:15]: Additional Information to Take Into Account

There are other things to think about: right custom taxes, duties, VAT, etc. 

[10:05]: How to Inform the Backer of Shipping Costs

Being upfront with your backers about the price of shipping is the best route you can take. It allows them to know exactly what they’re signing up for and, in turn, leads them to trust you because of your vulnerability. 

[11:46]: Recap: Your Three Options

Do you want to integrate the shipping cost into your entire product cost? Do you want to subsidize part of the shipping cost? Do you want your backers to pay the full shipping price? 

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