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Crush Crowdfunding Podcast

Nov 2, 2020

If you’ve ever done crowdfunding for a project you may know what we talk about when we say the “crowdfunding valley of death.” For those of you who are in the pre-launch or in the middle of your crowdfunding- you will, inevitably, experience this “valley of death.” It’s inescapable and so very normal! 


There is always that lull after the initial launch where not much is happening and it is very easy to get down or discouraged because of it. However, Nalin believes that there is so much good to be done during this phase. Instead of freaking out, you just need to look at this particular time with a new set of glasses.


In this episode, Nalin gives you those new glasses as well as the tools you need to best utilize your time in the “valley of death.”

[0:42]: The Crowdfunding Valley of Death 

It’s what every entrepreneur, creator, and project will go through during their crowdfunding so let’s talk about what it is and how you can best utilize it.

[4:02]: Cycles

Cycles. Ebbs and flows. Ups and downs. Every company, niche, and project has them. 

[7:39]: Have A Marketing Plan Bigger Than Launch Day 

It’s not enough to have marketing plans for day one. Let’s talk about what that full plan looks like and how to implement it.

[9:10]: Reach Out To New Potential Users

Who better to tell you about your product then previous backers? They hold the key to a lot of your potential future success.

[13:30]: Have Additional Marketing Content At The Ready

Don’t leave people hanging. Let them know what their money is being spent on. 

[16:30]: Getting The Second Yes

It’s a lot easier to get people who have said “yes” once to do it again. 

[18:55]: Introduce Stretch Goals

To take your product to the next level you can utilize this idle time and your current backers to create something even more exciting.

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