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Crush Crowdfunding Podcast

Nov 20, 2020

If Nalin has said it once, she’s said it one hundred times - when it comes to crowdfunding your audience is KEY! In this episode, Nalin sets aside time to go in-depth as to why your audience is so critical to your success and shares clear guidelines on how to strategize building a crowd and getting that ideal audience to back your projects.


Main Takeaways


[2:05]: The BIG QUESTION 

This is the biggest question across all industries when it comes to crowdfunding.

[3:24]: Audience Building

Let's talk about getting people who are going to love your product and love what you do because - isn’t that ultimately what we want!?

[7:13]: How Do I Build My Audience & Who Are They?

Who wants your product? Who loves your product? Who will be willing to pay? We can’t stress enough how important it is to find your audience. 

[9:21]: Nalin’s Recommendation Of What To Do First Before 

What it is what you should be writing down about your audience. 

[14:30]: Identifying Your Groups

There are thousands of groups you could get into on online platforms to figure out your audience. Don’t waste your time. Nalin’s tips will save you time and money.

[15:43]: Why Facebook Will Be Your Best Asset

How to utilize Facebook groups to find the best audience for your product. 

[19:45]: The Strategy For Finding Your Audience 

If you can figure out and implement this strategy you can go anywhere in the world and find your people.  

[21:10]: How You Can Learn From The Mistakes Of A Board Game Designer 

How a game designer marketed to the wrong group and what you can take away from his failure to be successful in your crowdfunding.


Resources From This Episode