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Crush Crowdfunding Podcast

Feb 27, 2020

In this episode, host Nalin talks about crowdfunding and if it’s right for you. Nalin shares what crowdfunding is and ways to know if it is right for you!

 She discusses:

-          [0:53] Reward-based crowdfunding is the exchange of value between you the person who is going to come up with the words and strangers on the internet who will.

-          [1:59] There are people on the internet looking to pay for something they think looks interesting before it's available to make sure they get their hands on it first before it hits the market.

-          [2:40] There are a few ways to know if crowdfunding is right for you.

-          [3:33] You must ensure your project fits the crowdfunding model.

-          [3:46] You must have something that provides value in order to get the funding in return.

-          [6:17]  Make sure you want your idea out in the world before you start crowdfunding.

-          [7:25] With crowdfunding you have to be public and vulnerable.

-          [8:18] Make sure your project solves a problem.

-          [8:35] The ones that really take off are the ones that make an impact in one way or another.

-          [10:18] Ask yourself, will people care about my project?

-          [12:29] Put yourself out there and find out if people would be interested in your project.

-          [13:26] You have to be ready to work hard when you are crowdfunding.

-          [14:15] It is a lot of hard work, a lot of planning and executing a successful campaign.

-          [15:42] Listen to podcasts and research crowdfunding. There are a lot of strategies, tactics, and ideas to help guide you with your crowdfunding.

-          [16:00] Make sure that you are able to successfully launch and able to successfully get your idea funded, if you put your mind to it you have the ability to get the idea launched!

-          [16:24] If you bring value, you’re going to be able to find people out there who want your project and the value that you are offering. 

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