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Crush Crowdfunding Podcast

Mar 12, 2020

In this episode, host Nalin talks about how Social Media is NOT a sales channel. Nalin shares a 3 step process on how to bring in your crowdfunding!


She discusses:

-          [1:11] People say they have gone through the preparation phase and they go to launch their campaign but not being successful.

-          [2:21] The main reason it isn’t working is because Social Media isn’t a sales channel.

-          [4:05] Email definitely is king around here when it comes to crowdfunding.

-          [5:05] There is a 3 step process or formula to building your crowdfunding!

-          [5:39] The first step is, you want to build a list with individuals that are of buying intent.

-          [6:49] Buying Intent is someone who actually signs up for an email to find out where they can actually purchase the product.

-          [8:12] The second step is, to conduct a pre-launch warm up with friends, family, followers and fans.

-          [8:45] Just tell the people on your list, friends, family and followers how they show support for you and your project.

-          [10:50] The third step is, to build value and urgency in your emails.

-          [11:02] By building value is when someone comes to your page and sees that reward, feels like they are getting a lot for the price.

-          [13:06] By creating urgency, you want to show that there are a limited amount of spaces or different reward tiers within your campaign.

-          [14:45] But the best news is that this blueprint and step process can work for every category out there.

Get out there, start collecting emails and start implementing that 3 step process!