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Crush Crowdfunding Podcast

Dec 4, 2020

Is crowdfunding really for you? Entrepreneurs have many options on how they can launch their projects to the world, and crowdfunding certainly is a popular one. But it’s definitely not for everyone. You’ll need a special set of skills and mindset in order to be successful in this world. Backers are very passionate people, and you’ll need to be just as passionate and confident in your idea to make it happen. Check out what else can you do to know if crowdfunding is the path for you.

Main Takeaways


[2:30]: Be interested in the process, not only in the final goal 

Crowdfunding is very personal. You’ll need to be invested in the process and want to know the people who will be your backers.

If you’re not invested, the people helping you with it, won’t be either.

[7:05]: If you’re not passionate about crowdfunding, don’t do it

If talking to your fans, creating communities and rallying people are not things that excite you, then you need to find other way of launching. 

[8:31]: Agencies and Coaches are different things

A lot of entrepreneurs don’t know that crowdfunding is hard work. When perhaps an agency will do everything for you, a coach is willing to work with you, not for you, and you must put in the work. 

[11:30]: Creators are passionate

Successful crowdfunding creators are people who believe in their project and sacrifice different things to make their project come true.

[13:02]: Creators who understand backers, where backers once

To start understanding crowdfunding, is a good idea to be a backer for someone else. Understanding the mindset of the backer, the passion and the anticipation.

[15:05]: Research research research

Have you read about crowdfunding? Do you know what community building is? Do you know what everyone else has done? 

[17:30]: You need a certain mindset

You want to prepare yourself for the mindset you’ll need to succeed. Is it right for you?

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