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Crush Crowdfunding Podcast

Jan 10, 2021

Are you just starting your crowdfunding journey? Are you overwhelmed with the amount of information out there? If so, you’re not the only one. It turns out that many people in the crowdfunding world feel this way. 


In today’s episode, Nalin helps break down how not to be so overwhelmed when beginning your crowdfunding campaign. She will tell you exactly what to look for and what to do to ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed and can start getting the answers you want and need.

[0:39]: The Big Question Nalin Received At 2 AM That Sparked This Podcast

It’s a question that all people have when starting out during their launch. Could you have it too?

[4:53]: Figure Out Who You Want To Follow 

It’s important to figure out who you want to listen to your mind as you continually work through your launch. It just might save you from feeling overwhelmed with all the information out there.

[7:19]: Everyone Has Potential To Up-Level 

You can up-level and have guaranteed success if you only do this ONE key thing.

[11:53]: Grand Picture Tasks

Defining your goal, finding your audience, lead magnets… All these and more are critical. Let’s talk about what you need to do about them. 

[12:47]: Fill In The Gaps 

What are the gaps that need filling and how can you fill them? Let’s talk assets.

[16:01]: What To Do after following people, figuring out your grand picture tasks, and filling in the gaps - what’s next? What do you do? We’ll tell you - you DO IT!

[17:22]: What Nalin Learned From Being Let-go 

The famous saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is true. Learn how Nalin’s experience of being let-go has actually catapulted her knowledge and helped get her to where she is today.

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