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Crush Crowdfunding Podcast

Jul 9, 2020

Creating a product can stretch you in many ways. It reveals your potential and your passions but it can also expose you to some of your weaknesses. What if we told you it’s that entire process that will draw people to you and have them backing your product quicker than you anticipated? 

In this podcast, Nalin goes over five topics that you can utilize as marketing content for your product during pre-launch. She dives into how you can use what you already have as the content to get you started in connecting with your audience and future product-backers. 


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[1:11 Why Being Online is Critical During Pre-Launch

Let’s be honest - you can’t be knocking on people’s doors every single day and hope that translates to them going online to back you. Everything is online! Your product will, most likely, be marketed online. Therefore, you MUST be online.

[3:04]: Be Open. Be Transparent. Be Authentic.

People who follow crowdfunding are potential early adopters. They are the ones who are going to go on the journey with you, whether it be a few months to a few years. They want to invest in the company (that’s YOU) as much as the product. They want to see the good, the bad, and the ugly so you need to let them see it.

[8:25 Content Idea #1 - Information About Your Product 

What are the features of your product? What are the benefits? What does it do? Do you have a habit journal? What does that look like and entail? All these things and more are shareable content that allows your potential backers to connect themselves to your product.  

[9:15]: Content Idea #2- User-Generated Content

One of the best things to do with your product in the pre-launch phase is to beta test it. AKA- letting people play around with it. Getting your product into the hands of potential buyers will not only allow you to see areas of improvement or things you’ve done well but, will also be phenomenal content to share via quotes and video reactions.  

[10:49]: Content Idea #3- Behind-The-Scenes Content 

This is content you have already generated you only need to format it on social media platforms for others to see. This includes things such as prototypes, early drawings, or what your Wednesday afternoon in the office looks like.

[11:52]: Content Idea #4- Founder’s Journey

Another piece of content that you can share with your audience is simply - your journey! By getting out there and telling people of your story it allows them to want to root for you, cheer you on, and encourages them to want to help you get to your goal and cross that finish line.

[13:22]: Content Idea #5- Related Content 

Having original content from your own process is wonderful. Having content within your niche that supports why your product is something others need is the cherry on top. By showing people that your product is something that they could use in their life through other related topics that they resonate with will help them relate more to your project and want to back you even more. 

[15:06]: Recapping What We’ve Discussed

Now that we’ve gone in-depth of five different marketing content pre-launch, let’s recap it all. 

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