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Crush Crowdfunding Podcast

Aug 27, 2020

Do you ever get so overwhelmed and just want to ask someone for help? If so, that’s actually a good sign. To run a successful business you should be getting lots of help from many different places. As they say - it takes a village. And, a village, indeed, is what it takes to run a business, launch a product, and make an idea come to life! Especially when it comes to crowdfunding. 


Did you know that there are actually agencies designed specifically for aiding people in crowdfunding? In this episode, Nalin goes over the positive effects an agency can have on your crowdfunding campaign and three key tips to keep in mind when looking at moving forward to potentially hiring one. 


Main Takeaways


[0:40]: The Myth of the Entrepreneur 

What is the “myth of the entrepreneur” and how it negatively affects your campaign.

[1:08]: It’s OK To Ask For Help

Ever feel like asking for help? You’re not alone.

[4:01]: So, Why An Agency?

Exactly what an agency can do for you and your crowdfunding campaign. 

[8:13]: 1- Know The Types Of Projects The Agency Works With 

Why being involved with an agency that handles your type of niche/category is pivotal to your agency/crowdfunding success.

[11:05]: 2- What Will Communication Look Like In Your Working Relationship?

The weight that communication has on the partnership between crowdfunding and an agency and what to look for to ensure it’s the best it can be.

[14:27]: 3- What Happens When Goals Aren’t Met?

The importance of knowing how an agency responds to goals not being met and the questions to ask to predict it.

[18:04]: Recap of 3 Things To Look Into Before Picking An Agency 

Recap of the three recommendations to pay attention to when looking for a potential agency to work with.

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