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Crush Crowdfunding Podcast

Nov 26, 2020

Picture this - your campaign is live and it is going pretty well, but it’s not quite fully funded. It’s in these moments that you can start to panic and look for any and all ways to grab people’s attention. In this episode, Nalin discusses proactive things you can do to get to the finish line. She breaks down those myths of algorithms and paid ads; how those tools are helpful but how important it is not to rely on them too much.

Main Takeaways


[5:41]: The BIG QUESTION 

Does this work? Is it legit?

[7:03]: Legitimacy

Do these companies have lists of people who fit the profile of a backer or who have backed other campaigns before? Yes! But this does not necessarily translate to them automatically backing your campaign. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

[14.48]: What are Super Backers?

These legitimate agencies have created a following of enthusiast backers or super backers. People who have supported dozens of campaigns.

For these backers to support your campaign, you need to be prepared, doing well and funded early on.

[16:08]: Super Backers trust their platforms

Legitimate promotion platforms will endorse good, reliable and successful campaigns in front of their following of backers. 

[17:02]: People are social beings

You want to understand the psychological effect of crowdfunding. People want to fund campaigns that are prepared.

[18:15]: Not every promotional channel will fit every offer

And not every offer will fit every promotional channel. If you’re launching a gadget, you won’t be featured in a board game platform. 

[20:21]: How to make promotional channels work? 

Bringing your own successes first. These platforms are multipliers of your effort.

Resources From This Episode